Sweep under your stove and, you just might find an iPod.

This morning, as I was getting some work done (okay that’s a lie – I was on Pinterest) I was letting my little one play in the kitchen with BBQ tongs and a broom. He said he wanted to see what what underneath the stove. I said, “Sure, but you’ll probably need a flashlight,” and proceeded to hand one to him. After a few moments, he exclaimed in the cutest little voice, “I see a multi-colored marble! I need you to get it, mommy!”

Now, I keep a tidy home (I DO! Don’t listen to my husband). I detailed the area behind my fridge last month; it was not pretty. Somehow, this little pit under the stove has slipped past me. I HAVE cleaned under there before but, holy cow, I found a pot ‘o gold there this morning!

Lost iPod, FOUND!

How long have I been looking for this iPod? Well, let’s see…49 weeks…it’s been forty-nine weeks, according to my last back-up. High and low, I searched! Tore the cars apart, eyed my friends and neighbors suspiciously (was it YOU?!) and the whole time, the damn thing was UNDER MY STOVE!


My 3-year old was wondering what the heck was going on when I was throwing him up in the air, hugging and kissing him like he’d just found a winning NY Lotto ticket. (Yeah, I was a little excited.)  Note to self: Clean where the sun don’t shine.

Erin from Tidy Time

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