Organize Your School Locker – Favorite Products

#organize your locker

I’ve been getting inundated with back-to-school newsletters and emails, promotions, coupons…But the one thing that stands out this year, is all the accessories for trickin’ out your locker. Mostly for the ladies, but still-I’m experiencing extreme feelings of resentment that I didn’t have the opportunity to rock a chandelier in my locker when I was in school! I mean LOOK at this thing!!!

Locker Lounge Locker Chandelie

So here are some locker accessories (all found at – click on the pictures if you want to find that product…No, we don’t get affiliate $ for this, they’re just really rad) that will look almost as cool as a chandelier, but will mainly help your locker (or your child’s locker) stay organized:

Locker Lounge Fashion Dry-Eras

Magnetic dry erase board

Locker Lounge Mini Locker Tras

Magnetic locker trash bin – adorrrrrrrrrrrrable

Locker Lounge Magnetic Organiz

Magnetic locker cup / “junk cup”

LockerMate Adjustable Locker S

Locker shelf for vertical storage – I’d use this to put my winter boots on – BAM!

These are probably cute enough for me to justify buying an actual locker, keeping it somewhere in the house or garage, and decking it out with all these faves. *school nostalgia cry for help*


Sandra from TidyTime

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