School Supplies Organized!

School Supplies #organized

*Deep breath* We’re almost back to school folks – and don’t get mad at me for saying it, there have been commercials taunting us for weeks now!

Wanna know a secret? I love back-to-school time! Fresh pens, the smell of new notebooks, crayons that haven’t lost any pointy tips, perfect unmarked folders…somebody STOP ME!

It kind of broke my heart the day, long ago, when I was told that there are people in the world that do NOT enjoy this celebratory time of year, as it can bring stress, anxiety, and a feeling of *RUSHED*.  I get it though; just when you think you’re getting on top of the back-to-school thing, “this year I’m gonna be ready!”, you head to the store with your supply list and realize that, even though it’s early July, everything has already been picked through!?? Not only that, but we like to prolong the feeling of summer and avoid anything that reminds us that it’s coming to an end.

For those of you who can get a hold of a supply list early via your school’s website; do it. If your kids’ teachers don’t require a specific set of lists, God bless ’em, but MINE DO! Here’s what they look like:

organizing 3rd grade supplies

fricano primary supply list

These are pretty darn-tootin’ specific, if I might say. That takes a lot of fun out of it, even for me. However, knowing that these lists are so specific, I do my best to get on the school supplies shopping as early as possible-July usually. As much as I love, love, love back-to-school shopping, I’d really rather not do it while summer is still so ripe. However, when I don’t, the anxiety train gets all revved up and ready for a new passenger.

*TIP* Since I have more than one child, I’ll scroll through their supply lists side by side to see if there are any supplie they both need; highlighters.  I’ll make a bold note at the bottom of one of the sheets and cross off “highlighters” on both of their lists so I have less items to look at. The more you can do this, the more manageable your lists will seem.

How to Organize Once You’ve Purchased Everything

1. Lay it all out on the floor

SchoolSupplies #organized

2. Separate in piles: One pile per child

her school supplies his school supplies

3. Double check the list:

After sorting and looking through the respective lists, I’d found that I missed a couple items. But not to worry! I have enough time (because I started early…guffaw!) to get those pesky remaining supplies at the store. I mean come on, these lists are insane, right? I swear it wasn’t like this when I was in school … Oh my…Did I just turn into my mother?

Good luck school supply soldiers, carry on…

Sandra from TidyTime

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