Un-motivated? Invite someone over!

Some people (ahem…ME) quickly go into a cleaning frenzy when guests are coming over. I’m just adding another layer of deodorant as there’s a knock on the door; I quickly throw my cleaning supplies into the cupboard, slap some powder on my face, and catch my breath as I open the door. “Oh, hiii!” (Sounds as though I’ve just run a marathon.)

There’s another, less stressful, time when it can be helpful to have a guest over in order to get that motivation going. Sometimes, no matter how many times I think about my list, or think about tackling a particular task (even something SIMPLE – like that pile of clutter in my bedroom corner), I just can’t seem to get up and get going. I’ll do OTHER things: “Wow, these baseboards really need a good wipedown,” or, “Yep – seems like the perfect time to sort next season’s clothes.” Avoidance tactics! Don’t let them win. Swallow the frog!

I’ve found that, if I invite someone over (and I tell them the reason I’m doing this) – my sister, a friend – just having them there will make me want to get it out of the way. I don’t need them to help me, I just need someone around so that I don’t let myself get off-task. We hang out and chat, drink coffee, the kids play and I actually get my mountain back down to a molehill. Whatever works!   (Stay tuned for a post about how that shelving unit transformed from “that” to tidy!)

Before Unmovitated organization                            motivated #organized

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