Organize Your Makeup Brushes

I’ve seen many beautiful and fun ways of storing makeup brushes so they stand at attention and keep the bristles from getting banged up. However, as much as I’m inspired to do the pretty thing, I’ve just been super lazy. So my laziness inspired me to look through my cupboard to see what I could use without having to leave the comfort of my pajamas.

Use popcorn to stand your brushes right up.

Rice and popcorn kernels were sitting right next to each other when I opened the door and they basically screamed at me to use them. Rudeness aside, I agreed they’d be a fantastic option worth trying.

So I went to my trusty old candle jars, which were patiently waiting to be re-used (Re-purposed candle jars, “Remember us!?”) and got them ready for filling.

Check out our blog post on repurposing used candle jars!

popcorn to organize your makeup brushes

I was planning on taking some pictures of the rice jar too (i used rice for the bigger jar just because I had more of it), but when I neglected to use a funnel and started spilling rice all over the counter and floor, I resolved that you’d get the idea about how its done.

Here’s the finished product:

I'm using pantry items to hold up my makeup brushes.

Again, it’s not uber fancy, like I might like, but until I have the motivation to do something prettier, I’m more than happy with the neutral and natural that I used here:)


Sandra from TidyTime

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