Well Who Might YOU Be?

Multi-Tasking Ceramic Product…it’s like it came from the future…

Tissue Pod, by Polder (also comes in black!)

I’m thinking of the men on this one.  Men don’t usually LOVE carrying purses, so they almost never do. This peculiar behavior results in a bunch of stuff jingling around in their pockets. So by the time they get home, they’ve got pockets full of God-knows-what (not really a mystery, it’s usually some sort of receipt/coins/wallet/phone/keys combination) and they have to put it somewhere.  That being said, this product screams “Buy me fo’ yo man!”, but you don’t need a man for this sweet little angel; it would be totally functional and appropriate in the following places:

  • entry way to your home
  • woman’s bedside table / nightstand
  • man’s nightstand / bedside table
  • bathroom counter – keep your valuables out of water’s way while you wash (then blow your nose)
  • kids’ room – nightstand / bookshelf / dresser

This just struck me as awesome when I saw it; I love when a product can do double duty – it makes my money happy!

Cheers to clutter containment!

Sandra from TidyTime

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