New Products for Organizing!

This makes #organizing so easy in pretty much every room-not just the bathroom

Okay, they may or may not be that new but they’re fresh as a baby for me! I’ve never seen either of these before and I was delighted when I cruised back into the “home goods” section of my local Marshall’s ($9.99). I think they’re featuring them all out in the open like this for back-to-school co-eds. So in case they run out by the time you get in there, you can get them here too. A little more expensive but I would pay more for this new best friend of mine.


Umbra Shower Caddy

Now for the CLOSE-UP!

Umbra Caddy Close up


Where else can I put this beast?!

  • Possibly the garage for small sporting goods or golf balls
  • Maybe the backyard on a tree for when the condiments need to be stored in a cute way but so they don’t take up too much space on the picnic table
  • Even in the basement for miscellaneous small hardware
  • Perhaps the kids’ room for small toy storage!


I also ran into this new fellow who was begging for a home.

storage compartments

storage compartments for #organizing

These compartments are not connected so you can break them up and put them into separate drawers, wherever they’re needed most. This whole package was only $4.99 and I felt like that was an unfair price…for Marshalls (you can get them here too, in case you don’t have a Marshall’s nearby). Thank you! I think it’s pretty obvious where these guys can play;

  • night stand
  • office drawers
  • kitchen drawers
  • utility drawers
  • daughter’s jewelry drawer

Hold on, I just had a crazy idea…

snack compartments for movie night!??

If you have these and love them, let me know where you’re using them-and if you have any alternate suggestions, I’d love to hear them too!


Sandra from TidyTime

2 thoughts on “New Products for Organizing!

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