Gain Even MORE Room in Your Closet!

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The majority of people out there don’t seem to be blessed with the problem of storage abundance. I’m in the majority and struggle with squeezing any extra ounce of space out of anywhere that I can. Naturally, my bedroom closet is a strong source of storage tension.  I have a ton of plastic hangers and most days, they make me angry and I end up finding sweaters and shirts lying around on the bottom of my closet and the kids’ closets. So not only do I end up with crammed closets and a lack of space, I have to hang up clothes that fall off their hangers over and over again.  “There’s got to be a better way!” I’m here today to expose how to gain closet space, organization and a deep breath.

Most people hate wire hangers…

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PROS of wire hangers:

-They’re cheap

-They’re lightweight

-They’re thin (don’t take up a ton of room)

CONS of wire hangers:

-Where would you ever buy them?

-They disfigure themselves

-They’re hideous

-They get caught in each other constantly

-They poke you

-They snag sweaters

could go on…

What’s a girl to do?

Plastic hangers are an inexpensive option, but they take up more room and allow clothes to slip off pretty easily, like I ranted about earlier.  So I’m going to skip right over to the end of the competitive spectrum; Velvet hangers. Here are the pros and cons list for them:

PROS of velvet hangers:


-Uniform looking (closet looks tidy)


-Variety of color options

-Clothes stay put

-They don’t get in fights with other hangers

CONS of velvet hangers:

-They are pricier than plastic/wire (but not much…standby)

-They’re not the best at holding up heavy winter-wear

Velvet-lined hangers allow you to gain closet space (actual percentage is sometimes contested but, I can testify that I earned at least 20% more room in my own closet now that I have them).

Most of us have seen these by now, and they really ARE fantastic at preventing things from slipping off (camisoles, silk shirts, boat necks, spaghetti strap dresses). But if you still haven’t given them a shot, they truly are an amazing solution and Closet Complete sells them for $23.92 for a 50 piece set and that’s a pretty dang good deal, since I’ve been on the hunt. They even come in kids and baby sizes!!! ADORABLE!!!

Photos Courtesy of Lofty Appetite

Photos Courtesy of Lofty Appetite

However, if you don’t want to splurge on velvet hangers, you can always utilize this amazing trick with rubber bands on any regular hangers! It won’t save you space but it will save your stuff from slippin’!

One last thing; this guy, Tom, does a great hanger comparison on his blog that you can take a look at in case you’re still not sure which hanger type might be right for you and your closet.

6 thoughts on “Gain Even MORE Room in Your Closet!

  1. Thanks for the post. We live in an older home. The bad news, the closets and storage were made for the 1950’s and are fairly small. The good news, it keeps me from buying too many clothes. It sets limits and for me, that works. I think we adapt to the size of our home and the size of our closets. Thanks!!

    • I totally hear you. Growing up, my family spent a lot of time in late 1800s Victorian style homes. They might have been better off having no closets at all-they were TINY. And you’re so right-it’s a good way to check yourself on shopping for things that would otherwise serve only to jam up the remaining closet space…just like purses-the bigger the bag, the more I’ll put in there! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  2. all my hangers match in my closet
    and then I went to ikea and bought 99 cent pant hangers and realized they took up so much room
    so just in case anyone is looking to gain closet space i would suggest not using the wooden pant hangers from ikea

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