Gain more closet space for $1

I don’t have a ton of room for boots in my closet, and I have even less when they’re falling all over each other. (They love to do that by the way.) I’ve seen those cool looking boot inserts with patterns and oozing adorableness but, I have a hard time justifying $20 or more for accessories to manage just one pair of boots, let alone each subsequent pair. So, I decided to scout out a less expensive option.


“Shhh…We’re not just for the pool!”

I found my frugal answer at The Dollar Store and for (that’s right) $1, I had a solution for not one, but TWO pairs of floppy boots! I ended up buying two pool noodles, for a total of $2, which accommodates four pairs of boots.

TIP: Get them while it’s still summer. (They’ll likely stop stocking them once fall rolls around.)

HOW TO DO IT:   Eyeball the length of the pool noodle you need by holding it up to the boot. Then cut to size- I used my daughter’s plastic toy saw (yes, I use pretend tools, but it totally worked!). You could use a “grown-up” saw of course, I just had this cute little purple one handy and that was the end of that.


HERE’S HOW IT WORKED OUT:  They’re now standing up like little obedient foot soldiers (see what I did there?). I gained a couple square feet of closet space; space I desperately needed.

You are the lieutenant of your shoe army.
Look at these good little soldiers!

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