10 Ways to Organize Your Closet

10 ways to organize your closet


Closets can feel like a real nightmare to tackle. I think most of us have that problem. What makes it worse is that we go in there every morning and it kind of starts our day. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could open your closet every morning with a feeling of “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” instead of “uuggggggghhhhhh”. It would be a positive lift to every day and it would make it easier to decide what you want to wear if you have everything organized and visible. I found some great inspiration that I wanted to share to encourage you to do tackle the closet.

Create a section in your closet (master, guest, hall) that allows you to store your handbags. This option will allow you to maintain the structural integrity of your pretty purses and look super tidy too. I call that a good day.

Check out this post at The Sunny Side Up to see how Erin organized her daughter’s closet (with before and afters!)

Ana White Homemaker shows you how to create a closet organizer system with only ONE SHEET of plywood…(can I get an AMEN!). Her site is also really incredible for all kinds of DIY projects with tons of free plans available.

This is a great post for organizing a tiny child’s closet. They tend to require miniature clothing and toys so it’s important to have some system and containment for all those little items. Allison at SlippersByDay shows you how she did her son’s room with a before an after. Totally functional!

iheartorganizing posted a how-to on a shared sibling’s closet. Jen used Ikea shelving in the middle to secure the rods to. This set up is perfect for her need but it’s also amazing for anyone, whether you share or not. I love it (and I LOVE the paint on the walls!)

master closet storage

On the inside of your closet, you can create an accessories station like either of the awesome options above (you can click on each picture to link up to the respective blog posts for each)

Can’t forget about the dudes…This option above is a great way to place men’s daily items close at hand. I love that they all have their own home; hats, shoe shine, socks, belts…and it’s still macho enough for a guy not to hate it.

If you have a frame you can reuse, you could start with the project above and create whatever style background you’re into.

Another great way to maximize closet space is to add a double hanging closet rod to your already existing one! You can get them for $9.99 here. This is a perfect way to take advantage of vertical space without having to really invest in hardware.

These hanging utility units are extremely helpful for closet-users of every age.  I found this image on OrgJunkie.com If you’re a grown up (or old enough to be), sweaters, jeans, sweats, and bags are a great thing to store in here. They’re not very expensive; you can hanging organizers similar to the ones for about $15 and they have their own built in hooks that grab on to your closet rod. I use them in my daughters closet and it’s been a sigh of relief every time I open the door.

I hope these tidy closet tips and inspire and ease your fears. Getting your closet under control can be easier than you think. Just remember, if you put a little extra effort into making it pretty or cute, you’re far more likely to make sure it stays that way.

Good luck and tidy on!

Sandra from TidyTime

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