Put a Cork in it!

Tidy up your fridge using one easy trick - really easy.

So most people like living in uncluttered and tidy spaces, don’t we? Where’s one of the most used places in the home? BINGO-the kitchen! It’s a drop zone, it’s a kid-homework-gathering station, it’s a coupon collector, it’s a meal-maker, it’s a lot of things. Therefore, it has the opportunity to get cluttered up pretty easily.  The fridge tends to be a practical organizing station for a lot of items you want to keep handy or be delighted to look at.

So what’s the problem?

When I allow the outside of my fridge to continue to gather all the things it likes to attract, it tends to get a little ugly. More than that, it gets really messy. Transforming from a catch-all cool-mobile to a clutter-clot, YET, I still kind of need and want most of those things close by.

How to organize your fridge without losing your stuff

What to do…

I decided to go the cork board route. There is a cupboard next to the fridge that houses the coffee and mugs, which gets used daily, so if I put the cork board on the inside of that cupboard, I can pin things up there and still SEE them everyday.


Where do I get cork board?

If you’re into online shopping and prefer to get your items shipped to you, you can order it here for $5.94. You’ll get a 4 pack of 12″x12″ cork tiles. That’s a good size since it will fit almost any cupboard. Otherwise, you can pick them up at Office Depot, Office Max, BedBath&Beyond. They typically all come with some form of adhesive, usually a foam pad with double-sided adhesive (if you put these up on your cupboard and don’t think the adhesive is strong enough, a sure-fire bet will be to spray 3M Super 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive on the back of the cork board. Be warned! This stuff is heavy and duty and means business so make sure you want to keep the cork wherever you put it!)

So here’s how I did it…

I used one of the 12″x12″ cork board pads for my cabinet by the fridge. It’s best to use a cabinet or cupboard that you’re utilizing frequently so that whatever you peg on the cork board actually gets seen.

I just peeled the adhesive off of both sides of the foam pads (which came with the cork board), and stuck them respectively to the four corners on the back of the cork, pressed it to the inside of the cupboard and, VOILA! (literaly took 49 seconds – yeah, I timed it!)


I took the items I didn’t absolutely need on the fridge (my grocery list pad has a magnet attached – I don’t think they stick to cork 😀  ) and got them ready for push pin fun!


I still have everything that I want, top of mind because I’m in that cupboard often. But now, my fridge is pretty darn tidy! Can I get a fist pump?

fridge all tidied up

I love it, breathing room for the front of the fridge. And hey, that monkey’s stoked!

Til’ next tidy time!

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