Make Laundry Life Simple with 2 Tidy Tips

Photo courtesy of Guerra De La Paz

Photo courtesy of Guerra De La Paz

Like mail, the laundry never stops coming.  Sometimes, the task of doing laundry seems so daunting and time consuming. Especially so if I’ve neglected it and allowed several loads to pile up in queue.  “You mean I have to wash, dry, fold AND put these things away?!” I’m bored just talking about it.


One thing I’ve learned is that it goes by a lot faster A) if you have help, and B) if you have an order to folding.

First of all, if you have children, enlist those little (or big) soldiers and get them all hands-on deck. As you’re folding the laundry, create categorized piles. This way, when you go to put your laundry away, you’ll be doing it the fastest and most efficient way possible. My pile categories look a little like this;

–  Mom’s jeans

–  Mom’s “to-hang-up”

–  Mom’s socks

–  Daughter’s shorts

–  Daughters t-shir

–  Son’s t-shirts, etc…

You get the idea

My two kids are 5 and 7 years old so they’re old enough to know which clothes go in which piles (for the wee ones, you can’t go wrong starting with socks!).  There’s also constant dialogue anyway as we’re folding so they ask if they have a question about where something goes.  And now that I’ve mentioned it, laundry has become a bit of a bonding mechanism – we’re all just hanging out in one spot, might as well have some fun chatting!

When we’re done folding, they head straight to their rooms with their respective piles and put them away. It takes them about 1 minute or less since they’re pre-sorted (it can take a little longer for them to hang the clothes if they have anything that belongs on a hanger).  But another bonus, besides bonding, is a great sense of responsibility and capability that you can give your children with this chore. Even if this is the ONLY thing they help you with, for now, it’s something they’ve shown you (and themselves) they can do, and that’s a building block! FIST-PUMP!


I’ve been guilty of starting my washer and forgetting about it…overnight.  That usually smells pretty awesome, way to go Sandra.

If your washing machine has a timer, go ahead and use it appropriately. If you decide to throw a load in the washer before work, and have a timer, you can set it to begin the cycle just as you get home from work. That way, you’ll be reminded that you have a load to change soon (since you’ll likely be able to hear it starting), and your wash won’t have a chance to get that moldy smell.  For example, I’ll set my washer to begin around 6:30 in the morning if I know I’m waking up at 7. That way, I’ll hear the beep by the time I’m up and that audible reminder never lets me down.

Get ahead of your laundry and be its boss.

‘Til next tidy time…happy folding!

Cheers 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Make Laundry Life Simple with 2 Tidy Tips

  1. Yes! Having a sorting system is a MUST! I just posted about my laundry room reno and our original sorting method was piles on the floor! lol Now I have a labelled hamper for each pile. Great post, good points!

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