Tidy Up Your Medicine List

Read this post to learn how to organize your medicine list.

Don’t Be Such a Pill!

I’ve compiled a printable “e-list” of medications for each member in the household (and even an elderly neighbor) who requires a daily dose of prescription meds or supplements each day. I keep an updated list printed out and tucked in my bag, while the main copy is saved on my computer, in my Dropbox folder.

Why is this important? If you ever find yourself rushing from doctor to doctor, or straight into the hospital, you don’t have to go hunting in the cabinet for bottles of pills or frantically trying to guess which pills / how many times per day / how many milligrams: It’s right at your fingertips. You can hand the list to your healthcare provider and they’ll just make a copy.

Dropbox (and similar applications) allows you to sync files on your computer with your tablet and smartphone (if you choose), or access the files you need from nearly ANY computer. Whenever there is a change in medications, just edit the file and print  a new one. Then you’re ready to roll – hopefully not down the hall on a gurney!

Click on me. I'm printable!

Click on me. I’m printable!

For a digital download that you can fill in and save, click here: Emergency MedicationChart FORM FILL

Erin from Tidy Time

Resources for You – from FDA.gov

Keeping Track of Medications Safely

Pack a List of Your Medication When You Travel – from the CDC

2 thoughts on “Tidy Up Your Medicine List

  1. The digital download is supposed to be a fillable Excel file, but it is a PDF. Thank you for creating this great resource! I will have to check out the rest of the site!!

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