2 Simple Steps to Make Donating Easy!

2 Tips To Make Donating Simple

Shirley Temple at age 17 donating her clothes. I’ve never seen a picture of her over the age of 10, until now! What a doll!

If you’re anything like me, your donate piles can become a bit of a mini mountain after a while, unless some sort of discipline has been instituted.

For me, motivating myself to pack up the car with all my donations seems like more work than it ever turns out to be. Besides, I always feel amazing and totally gratified when I complete this task, but for some reason, it just seems like “heavy lifting” when it’s on my to-do list. Partially, I suppose, because those bags and boxes are heavy, but it’s not as hard as I make it out to be. I re-read this and agree it sounds selfish and lazy, which it is, because the amount of effort it takes to donate items is vastly outweighed by the need of those you’re donating to. I just have to snap myself out of it every now and again and remember that fact.

Do yourself a favor and do one or the other from the following mini list:

  • once-a-month (easy to mark on your calendar)
  • when “this bin”/”this area” is full (provides a visual deadline)

I’d also like to share with you a little tax-tip bonus which was peace of mind for me when my tax professional hit me up with the low down.  Since it can be common for people to guess-timate what they’ve donated for the year, which is a gray area, I wanted to make sure I was tax-tracking in a legit way.  She told me that the IRS will accept a hand written documentation of donated goods as long as there is a fair market value attached to the each associated item (I think mine was 25%…make sure you double check that).

So, if you keep a clipboard or notepad with a pen next to your designated donated goods area, you can jot down, as you compile them, the items you’re offering up.  This made the whole process for me kindergarten simple and it’s so much easier to be disciplined with it since it’s not really a challenge. Since I’m far from being a professional tax consultant, I strongly recommend that you confer with whomever you work with on your taxes for guidance on this issue, but man, was I relieved when I heard that. I’ve been keeping track that way ever since.

Getch’er donate on tidiers!

Cheers 🙂

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