Top 4 Tips for Staying Tidy

Stay tidy with these Top 4 Tips

Granted, you have to GET organized in order to STAY organized, but it’s important to know up front, that there is hope for you to maintain your progress once you’ve gotten on board. It’s also important to recognize that organization isn’t an event that takes place in order for you to eventually cross the finish line. Organization is a way of living, a mindset, and an attitude.

Organization is a skill that is learned!

You’ll always end up acquiring things; food, clothing, presents, etc. However, knowing how to treat those items, once they’re in your possession, is a matter of organization.  You’ll also continue to create dirty dishes, dirty floors, dirty laundry, clean laundry, and knowing how to manage the flow and function of those issues in your home is also a matter of organization.

Here are 4 of our Top Tidy Tips for maintaining the organization in your home. The beauty is, these things can make a serious impact on your day, whether you’re just beginning your tidy-journey, or you’re becoming a pro.

  1. One Garbage, ALL garbage! When the main garbage (ours is the kitchen) is full, let that be a trigger for you to empty all the trash bins in the house into that full garbage bag-there’s usually a bit of room available once you take the bag out of its bin. If there is no more room in that bag, go ahead and combine the rest into one bag while you’re at it. Just knowing that all the garbage are empty can give a great burst of motivation.
  2. Never leave a room empty handed! Clutter breeds when left unattended – it’s nasty, I know. Cross-hatch the room when you leave each room; look left, right, up and down- if you’re anything like me, chances are strong that you’ll spot something that needs to go back to his home (…thank you Happy Gilmore) Don’t let clutter breed-it makes ugly babies.
  3. It’s Laundry Time!  Similar to your new tidy garbage plan, if you have multiple laundry hampers, when one hamper is full, make it your business to gather them all at that time in order to keep on top of your ever-growing laundry situation. Laundry is like mail; it just keeps on comin’. You can’t get rid of it but you CAN manage it. This is the way to start.
  4. Make your bed EVERY morning! This is one of the best tools in your day to give you an injection of motivation. Imagine the way you feel about a hotel room when you first walk in; it looks so inviting, so fresh, and so ready for relaxing. Even if your bedroom at home isn’t organized yet, making your bed can get you on that track in a fast-forward fashion. It will motivate you to do more, inspire you to continue in that “mode” for the rest of the day; it will be positively affective. We promise!

Happy tidying folks!

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