Create “Team Tidy” with YOUR Family!

Tips on building a team of tidy-ers in your home

As you know, organization is a skill, which can be learned, just like anything. When you give yourself the gift of learning how to organize, you’re giving yourself freedom and a sense of relief.  While you’re at it, you might as well pass along that gift to your children and give them a head start and a great foundation for staying organized as they grow.

If you’ve ever conquered even the smallest organization project, you know what kind of a rush that can be and what a great sense of accomplishment it provides.  Imagine your child knowing what that feels like every day.  They can have a sense of calmness and preparedness due to their early-learned skill of organizing, which can give them an advantage in all areas of their life.

Encourage your children to duplicate your healthy-tidy habits; they can do it!  Even if you have young children, there are things they are capable of helping with (omitting newborns and infants of course-although let’s be honest, it’s pretty lazy of them to just lie around all day like they do).

Reward your children with praise when you notice them tidying without being asked, and praise them afterward even when they have been asked! Kids thrive on positive reinforcement and positive attention from their parents. They want to please you, feel accepted, and feel like they matter. Instilling a sense of teamwork in them is a great bonding mechanism if you approach it in a fun and loving way. Although treats are fun, your kids can still get with your program without bribing.  Keep a pleasant and relaxed attitude with them as you introduce the tidy venture you’re undertaking. If you can avoid seeming like a dictator or tyrant, you’ll gain their approval. After all, all you’re looking for, as a parent who yearns for organization, is a little support and help along the way. Let your kids feel that and remind them that they’re a family; they’re part of a team and they should be proud of that and work to make it great. Here are a list of some of the things they can do to help make your job easier:

1.  Make their bed

2.  Put their clothes in the hamper

3.  Put their clothes away

4.  Hang up their wet towel after bath/shower

5.  Bring their dishes to the sink/dishwasher

6.  Put things back in their homes

7.  Set the table

If you have little ones and expect some push-back,  you can gravitate towards the cleaning activities they most enjoy, and also try making a game of it;

-“Who can grab all of their dirty clothes and put them in the hamper fastest!…GO!”

-Give out points when their rooms are clean at the end of the day without having to be asked. At the end of the week, depending on how many points they have, they can pick from a basket of pre-selected “prizes” or you could take them for ice cream, a movie, or any incentive that suits your child’s age and interest.

-“Here’s an unmatched sock that doubles as a dust-puppet! Let’s see how many ares we can use this guy to destroy dust!”

You can do it, and so can they!

Keep on tidying-we’ll get there together 🙂

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