Digital Memory – Organized

How to Organize Your Digital Memory

I’ve amassed about a dozen different memory sticks (a.k.a USB drives, flash drives, thumb drives, etc…) over the last couple of years and I’ve noticed that as much as they’re functional, they’re super annoying when I forget which one is storing what. I’ve gone to meetings thinking I have the right file on the storage drive, when the identical looking storage drive that is ACTUALLY holding my file is tucked safely away at my desk back at the office. I’ve also kept with me, what I thought to be, an empty storage drive so that I could load files to them when i got to my destination, only to find that the one that was empty and eager for some uploads, was in my other bag.

It finally occurred to me to start labeling them, just like I do everything else in my world. I used Post-It tabs, however, you can use any kind of label, even a label-maker label. I just had them lying around thought I’d give them a turn so they wouldn’t feel left out.

What I do is label the amount of storage available on them, along with the type of files on them. See the picture below:

label usb drives

label usb contents

label available memory

(if you’re not sure how to figure out how much memory you have available, here’s a link that shows you 🙂  )

Make sure you’ve got one central location for all your storage devices, and be sure to always return them to their home when you’re finished; which will provide an added peace of mind.

USB storage organized

If you ever use these digital storage devices, you may have come across frustrations much like mine; in which case, I hope this helps you because it’s certainly made my life easier. If you don’t struggle with this problem, I’ll just go on record saying that I honestly wish I was you.

Cheers to your tidiness today!

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