Wire & Cord Management Made Easy


Do yourself a simple and quick favor of getting in the habit of wrapping a piece of electrical tape around the base of your charging cords (where it plugs in) and with a metallic colored permanent marked, write on the tape, the name of the unit being plugged in (i.e. blu-ray, xbox).  This is especially helpful when you have multiple cords plugged into an outlet, to avoid playing that “follow the cord” game when trying to plug-in or un-plug something.

There is another option, for you label-maker lovers out there.  You can create a label for each cord, at the base, just like you would with a piece of electrical tape. If the word you’re going to make is short, you can push the space bar about ten  times after you type the label, which will allow you room on the label tape to fold it over. See the pictures below for an example.


labelmaker iPad

labelmaker iPad space

labelmaker iPad label


Not only will this help when you’re attempting to figure out which cord you need to unplug, but when your cords are stored and you need to quickly figure out which one you’re looking for ( a lot of my gadgets’ cords look very similar), it’s a huge time saver.

Label on, friends!

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