Clearing Kitchen Counter Clutter

kitchen utensil storage

Kitchen counter clutter can be a source of stress, anxiety and discouragement from cooking or baking in general. I love getting my hands on any advice I can to help me generate less clutter and feel and become more organized.  I recently realized that instead of allowing my kitchen drawer to jostle around with loose items every time it was opened, I would use a jar on the counter for these items instead.

This is probably not a breakthrough idea for most of you, however, logical sometimes gets ignored and takes a backseat to routine.  A critical factor I feel I should mention with a container of utensils at arms reach, is that this container should only house items you frequently use. There is no sense in displaying every kitchen tool you own just to permit them to gather dust and become some kind of a linty counter ornament.

And, you got me. I only use about 6 kitchen utensils on a fairly regular basis, as you can witness from the photo evidence above. Most of my cooking is not exactly gourmet, although healthy, it doesn’t typically require any fancy gadgets.

That being said, I tend not to have an additional stash of utensils which I very infrequently use either.  I come from the school of thought that less is a bit more and I try to be as practical as I can with the items I have and purchase. I will always ask myself honestly, “…are you REALLY going to use this or is this more of an emotional/quirky/cute item that I just like looking at?” If it’s not going to be functional and help make my life easier or prettier or more delicious, I tend not buy it or keep it.

If you have some utensils you just can’t part with, I’m not saying you should toss them immediately, but I would definitely recommend you be discerning of what you should keep.

I hope this helps a tiny bit.  Cheers to your tidying!

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