Power of the Snack Basket


If you have children, you probably feed them. A lot of us parent differently than one another, but some of us, depending on the ages of our children, allow them certain freedoms when it comes to food. My kids, for instance, have permission to ask or notify me if they’re grabbing a snack, and they also have the responsibility of packing their snacks for school everyday. To make it a little easier for them to know what to choose, I’ve set out a basket on the counter just for them. I’ll change the contents up every week but I made sure that the basket was accessible so if they need a quick bite to tide them over between meals, or they need to pack their snack, they know what they’re allowed to grab from and they can reach it.

It’s a small and quick tip but it’s saved me quite a bit of haggling with them over what they want versus what I’m willing to let them eat.

If you don’t have kids, this can still apply to you and your particular pecking habits. If you’re a snacker and are often tempted to go for sweets or super-soaked-sodium-snacks, giving yourself a diet-appropriate snack center might just help you too.

Throw together some portioned mini ziplock bags of pita chips, pirates booty, pop cakes, or trail mix in a basket or bin and when you’re feeling snackish, you don’t have to experience the guilt associated with poor snack choices, because you just dove into your pre-approved snack section instead 🙂

Cheers to you on your snacking journey~let me know if you have any supplemental tips that work for you!

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2 thoughts on “Power of the Snack Basket

  1. “If you have children, you PROBABLY feed them.” haha,… This is a great idea. I always wait until the last minute and end up scrambling to run out the door with a growling stomach, or scarfing down too much.

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