Cord Management – Bathrooms


Most women have at least a couple of electric tools which help them create magnificent flowing locks (some of you men do too – not mad atcha!).  Most of us also use toilet paper, and since we do, we end up with empty toilet paper rolls on a regular basis, those of which can come in handy in this wire management arena (Let’s not ignore the fact that repurposing a bathroom basic for bathroom tools is pretty mind blowing).  Hair dryer, straightener, and curling iron cords, when left to their own devices, get pretty unruly and unsightly along the way.  My mother gave me a trick a while back to help control their chaotic nature.

All you really need is an empty toilet paper tube. You can use it as-is (country chic), or get crazy and decorate it. Some ideas for decorating are listed here:

-Wrapping paper

-Your kids creative marker-ing


(if you have wallpaper in your bathroom, you could use that, and feel “pulled together” every time you look at it)

-Spray paint



Some people despise wrapping gifts and go with the trusted gift-bag method instead. So if you’re a wrapping-paper-hater, I’ve included some visuals in case they might encourage you…only a few steps.








Of course, I mentioned you could always go with the simple spray paint option – quickest of the listed crafties, and decorating with marker. Here’s how a few of mine turned out:


There are other methods for wire management for bathroom tool cords, however, if you’re not keen on adding hardware to the inside of your cabinet or don’t feel like purchasing something, this is a great alternative.

And here is how I have a couple of mine, also shown in a previous post. These are my country-chic tubes, also known as my “I didn’t feel like being creative at the time” style.


I hope you enjoyed this one – if you have any other thoughts and want to share them, feel free to share – I’d love to know!

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