Small Bathroom Solutions – Part II of II

smallbathroomsolutions 2

The Shower

So yesterday we went over a couple ideas for storage in small bathroom spaces. Today I’ll share with you a couple more that I apply in my own small bathroom (the only one I have!).

I have very little wall space in my bathroom, it’s quite tiny. So instead of utilizing towel rods, which I don’t have any wall space for, I decided to buy a double curved shower curtain rod for my damp towels to hang dry on.  The curved nature of the rod also makes more room for you in the shower-BONUS!

Hang your towel to dry on this!

Hang your towel to dry on this!

I got mine at BedBath&Beyond along with the double hooks. The double hooks can be used on a single rod as well, they make it easier to take your liner off to clean it too.  You might be thinking, “…Or, I could just throw it over the single rod that I have, like I usually do.” You could, I used to. But they certainly don’t dry as fast, since they’re laying flush against the wet curtain on the inside. I’ve also allowed a damp towel to sit too long and it gets that moldy smell to it. This way is a cleaner looking option with better function too.

hangdriedtowelWhat I had used just before purchasing a new shower standard curtain liner, was a shower liner with pockets-amahhhhzing..I hung the liner so that the pockets faced the inside of the tub so that my kids could store their bath toys in the pockets and I wouldn’t have to see them or trip on them when they weren’t taking their bath.

However, I came across another option while browsing around on (she’s pretty incredible folks, check her out), and she faces them the opposite way (sans children) for storage of everyday adult bathroom products-also out of sight. Brilliant. Here’s the link to see what that looks like.


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