Small Bathroom Solutions-Part I of II


I have ONE bathroom in my house. There are four of us living in here. Shortly after moving here, we’d found a way to make it work, but finding storage that doesn’t crowd this tiny space was initially critical to consider.

Since this bathroom sink has little counter top space and only a small cabinet underneath, I needed to consider what we all used most, and where we could store it so that it was tidy and hygienic.  Now, as a disclaimer, I’ll say that I have some but it’s not exactly enough to store everything we need in the bathroom.

I remembered I had an old metal container from a Bath&Body Works gift I was given years ago. I used that little treasure as a caddy for our toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, and cotton pads (a big go-to item in our house).  But instead of just throwing them in there (I’m not a fan of allowing wet toothbrushes to create soggy cotton pads for the next time I go to use them… :/) I used two re-purposed candle jars (see a link on how to do this here).  One to house the toothbrushes and toothpaste, and the other to manage the stack of cotton pads.

Old candle jar, new use

Old candle jar, new use

Aside from oral hygiene, the bathroom is a place I sometimes do my daughters hair and always do my own, exclusively with bobby pins and hair ties. I needed easy access to these things and I really didn’t want them ending up all over the counter or floor. So I  took two little tins which I received as part of a wedding favor one year, and decided to use them as little “sidecars” on this metal container, affixed by a bobby pin.

"Sidecar" mini tin buckets to hold hair accessories

“Sidecar” mini tin buckets to hold hair accessories

See below for a close up of the bobby pin holding the little tins:

Bobby pins are attaching the "sidecar" tins

Bobby pins are attaching the “sidecar” tins


Under the sink was another area to tackle. Since we use hairbrushes, blow-dryer, straightener, regularly, these can be placed under the sink. I put the hair tools in a tin bucket. On the other side of the plumbing, I used a folding vertical shelf to make room to store some more things. Now I have room, without knocking everything over every time I go in there, to house the cleaning products and every day hair products I need. I can’t say enough good things about the folding shelf. I use them in other areas of the house too. You just can’t go wrong with them.

Make practical use of your space

Make practical use of your space

I found mine several years ago at BedBath&Beyond and haven’t seen them there since, however, Amazon sells a sick tiered shelf organizer that is even better!

Copco 2555-0188 Non-Skid 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer, 15-Inch

Join me tomorrow when I show you some more Small Bathroom Solutions in Part II!

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