Swallow the Frog!

Little salt, little pepper...give it a try!

Little salt, little pepper…give it a try!

An unusual sounding term, I agree, but this adage found it’s way to my inbox several years ago and it’s really made an impression on me. This lovely little metaphor boils down to the advice that if you start your to-do list with the most difficult/obnoxious/frustrating task, you’ll not only feel extremely accomplished and inspired, but you’ll be energized with momentum too. Everything after that tough task is going to be downhill!

The toughest and ugliest of items on our to-do list typically find themselves lingering on the bottom somewhere, often getting pushed into tomorrows. Of course they do. Who wants to do something that makes you annoyed or frustrated? The problem is, when you let that frog hang out like a dark cloud over your to-do list, you give it power. It grows all fat and full of warts and all of a sudden, new, unimportant tasks are making their way to the top of the list, just to avoid that big ugly swamp dweller.

Do yourself a favor-empower yourself. Begin the day with tidying the garage, or organizing the front hall closet, whichever task haunts you the most.  Show the frog whose boss and eat it for breakfast. When you do, you’ll be completely in charge of the rest of your day and you’ll be so ecstatic about your newly acquired amphibian appetite. We promise.

Read up on the theory with this awesome book:

Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

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4 thoughts on “Swallow the Frog!

  1. That’s great to hear! My internal dialogue battles about it every day…but the outcome of ingesting that frog just can’t be beat.

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